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To use an iPhone, its freaking cool 'apps' and internet access.
Stop iPhoning and start driving, we're gonna be late for this maccas run - it's already 3am for frig's sake.
by ScolloP October 14, 2009
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A newly introduced product that ends up bearing the status of a 'very popular, everyone must have' product.

Becoming the new iPhone.
-We have to keep his second product from iPhoning... He now owns his own cult of zombies because his first product iPhoned to unmaintainable proportions.
by doctah bryan September 28, 2010
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the act of obsessively over using the available abilities and applications of an Iphone.
ME: "i was iphoning like a bitch last night" HOE: "i don't have an iphone :'(" ME: "shut up bitch no one asked u to talk" HOE: "I'm sorry big daddy" ME: "it's okay you can suck me later"
by boatsandhoesandtables July 03, 2011
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