an acronym for never ever wana loose you
oh baby ilysm newly. <33
by **hollaaa$$ November 11, 2008
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To be single after a long term relationship.
Guy 1: Billys girlfriend broke up with him, he's newly minted
Guy 2: I dont know you. Buy something or get out
by JustFred September 8, 2017
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A term used to describe every hotel known to man, regardless of when, or if, it was ever actually renovated.
"I just got back from my trip to Shreveport. The hotel website said that it was newly renovated, but my TV had rabbit ears!"
by inksterboy June 18, 2007
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When Karen takes the kids and leaves you sad and alone.
Me and Karen divorced and got full custody over the kids!
Newly divorced too,huh?
by BigBoyImalexx November 23, 2019
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The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you either ask someone out and they say yes, or they ask you out and you say yes, and you're not sure if you made the right choice.
Usually only occurs for the first few days, unless it's someone you're not comfortable with being with.
"I didn't want Nathaniel to be my boyfriend, but I just can't say no. I can't tell if I'm getting newly-dating guilt."
by Kylias March 17, 2009
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When a couple gets together and they are disgustingly clingy and cutesy with each other.
by Zewitty September 8, 2018
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when a girl starts her period she is pronounced newly-bled
mark: damn ur a newly-bled
by bentwilly96 September 3, 2023
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