a device that gets bigger every year
check out my new iphone, i paid 1000$ on the same phone that i had last year
by DopamineReceptors June 9, 2019
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Overrated american shit. If you are in america you see everyone with an cracked iphone. Not recommended getting in the US with an android
Iphone 6 user: Haha android user. You're poor.
Android user: STFU
by trumpation November 29, 2020
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A mutant cross-breed of an ipod and a phone
ipod + phone = iphone
by Jersey Kid February 22, 2008
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Probably the most retarded thing a person can buy, seriously, 600$ for an IPOD PHONE. Wow, a basic 100$ phone can play mp3's now, for a bit extra, you can also buy on that has a decent camera, and browse through the internet. This is what all the rich kids want for Christmas. Why waste 600$ on a over rated piece of sh*t phone, when you can buy something better with that money?
by Xyoxvietsterx June 5, 2007
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A phone/iPod made by Apple that looks good, so people shell out $600 for it. It doesn't have any actual new technology, and there are several phones that do all the iPhone can do and more for cheaper, but the iPhone is shiny and advertised all the time, so people buy it instead.
Guy 1: I just bought a new iPhone, isn't it awesome?!
Guy 2: Nothing I haven't seen before.. why'd you waste the cash?
Guy 1: Didn't need anything else.
Guy 2: You didn't need that either.
Guy 1: Good point.
by Kritias July 4, 2007
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A fairly good phone with a great user interface. The browser is top notch and easy to use, albeit limited by the slow edge connection. Great for settling arguments using wikipedia or passing time watching youtube.
The iphone isn't the greatest thing ever but I like mine.
by anon321 September 11, 2007
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