A portable, handheld 'communication' device (also called a cell phone) - although it is rarely used to actually communicate.
Most commonly used for: texting, sexting, social media posts, check the time, taking selfies or other pics of interest, check the temperature, get directions, track your significant other, write yourself a reminder, check your email, flashlight to get your carrkey in the hole, look up word meanings ie Urban dictionary, see your bank balance, transfer a few bucks to your friend for t
paying your bar tab, ordering UberEats delivery, summoning a Lyft ride, personal calendar, playing games such as Candy Crush while waiting for your friend to pump gas, shopping at Amazon, eBay,Wish, etc....
Jones: "1 checked my mobile device, he's foty minutes late"
Jones' girl: "yeah, he's on Hammer Time.

Betty: "wya?"
Bill: "IDK - I better GPS datshit on my mobile device."

Girl 1: "are you seriously taking a pic of that blank wall with your mobile device?"
Girl 2: "no, hehehe. It's a selfie shot"
(Girl 3 jumps in and photo bombs)
by 2econdly August 9, 2020
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