Zombies are the new Nazis in gaming. World War II is out, Zombie Apocolapse is in. They are the new thing that you can shoot and shoot and shoot without getting bored (that is, until something new comes along and replaces zombies).
Many current games now are about zombies or feature them in some way.

A zombie is either an actual undead (which is the case with Nazi Zombies), or a human who was infected with a virus of some sort and have undead/zombie like charactoristics (like Left 4 Dead).
Gears of War 2: Horde Mode
Call of Duty World at War: Nazi Zombies
Halo 3: Infection mode
Left 4 Dead
Dead Rising
Resident Evil 5
Counter Strike: Zombie Mods
Dead Space
by Elvins March 2, 2009
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In popular culture, zombies commonly refer to the undead. Generally, any formerly human creature that is no longer acting with freewill. Often erroniously attributed to the Carribean practice of Voodoo in Western society, the zombie has been portrayed for thousands of years in cultures in India, China, and among Native Americans. These include (but are not limited to the following):
1. The Voodoo Zombie, which is a living human who has lost it's free will.
2. The Viral Zombie, which is a reanimated (usually human) corpse that has been brought back to life.
3. The Chinese Zombie, which is a supernatural/spiritual being with a yellow piece of paper on its forehead, capable of moving very quickly, and jumping very far or flying.

A number of zombie survivalist organizations (ozort for example) exist worldwide that set up contingency in the event of an outbreak of Viral Zombies
Mankind can be easily destroyed by zombies.
by Master Zort August 24, 2006
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undead brainsuckers, normally raised by a freak natural disaster or by means of a necromancer. The only way to permanently incapacitate one is to remove it's head completely.
Brian heard something behind him while dart throwing and shouted "fuck-a-doodle-doo" it was a ZOMBIE shouting "BRAINS"!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 111111o neoneooneone oneoeon111111!!!!!!!!11l olololol
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Denizens of the internerd.

They will not sleep, eat or perhaps even 'die' so long as they have access to the internerds. Harmful to humans who comes between them and their glowing boxes. Likes the dark.
Nerd A : Man, at least I used the net for information
Nerd B : you mean pr0n ?
Nerd A : I mean plagiarising assignments.. but when I came to the lab... all I saw were zombies man.....
Nerb B : Want me to warn the admin and bring out the shootaz ?
by summerfrost April 9, 2006
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"The Zombies" happen after a night of smoking marijuana. To have "the zombies one would feel groggy and slow (still high) for 1-5 hours after waking up. "Some zombies" is also an acceptable phrase.
John Sample "Man, i got the zombies and I'm going to go take my midterm."
$+33\/: "Bummer d00d."


$+33\/: I got some zombies goin broski.
Broski: Double plus uncool.
by $+33\/ April 24, 2008
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When someone you dated, had a one night stand with, or was a fwb that ghosted you and comes back later.
Becky, I just got zombied by that guy I banged from Baja Sharkeez a year ago!
by Ondanan March 18, 2018
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to be a zombie is when you hit some one up you once ghosted months-years ago. As if you resurrected from the dead. You came back from the dead and slid right back in.
You can be a zombie or someone else can be a zombie. Goes both ways.
God Jack is a zombie, have not talked in years and he hit me up just now!
by Honeyhay October 8, 2019
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