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An epic declaration of gratitude and lifelong friendship by Albanian music legend Armend Miftari-Mendi, and a keystone moment in the history of balkanposting. Strive to be the person Kosovo thinks America is.
"Thank you USA
You are my best friend
You are the peace keeper
You are the lejend!!"
by Gjord August 15, 2022
Some bozo with a Bugatti who got banned on all major social media platforms for being a prick.
1: "Have you seen what the Top G said today?"
2: "I don't care I'm not on Truth Social"
by Gjord August 22, 2022
A gigachad playboy who triggers low-life conservative pundits. Loves coke and treats his favorite sex workers like queens.
"We must find Hunter's laptop!"
"Damn, yall must be thirsty for the Hunter nudes"
by Gjord August 15, 2022
Used among a decaying Northern European island tribe. Someone with severe jingoistic nationalism syndrome. Comorbidities may include CTE, senility, alcoholism, or antisocial personality disorder.
"Don't attack the Queen, she was Best of British!"
by Gjord September 11, 2022
The second biggest PepeLa of all PepeLas. A proud anarcho-nato-bidenist debatelord. Inventor of the tactical n-word. Advocate of ironic misogyny.
"I can't believe this dumbass wanted to have PepeLa V at the women's march."
by Gjord September 13, 2022
Bary Husane Obame

44th "president" in the history of America
Seinfeld2000: "Presedent Bary Husane Obame sell America to Tibet while hard working Amercans asleep at night. When Jary wake up hes basicaly a slave now"
by Gjord August 15, 2022
Something people with jobs use to communicate. Conservatives over 50 really hate them, no one really knows why.
2: "OK Boomer"
by Gjord August 15, 2022