the 1,000th number in all the numbers. 4 (or 5) digits, hard to count to, before 1,001, after 999.
Person A: 999...1000!!!
Person B: You did it! You counted to 1000!
by AryamanV2000 March 1, 2019
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same as 1
A: Alright peace
B: Alright 1000
by Anonymous November 6, 2003
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I love you…
My beautiful lady…
You have transformed…
My heart ❤️

I’m forever grateful
For your love
I love you!!!!!
by Wanderlust_721 October 20, 2023
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when something is on the highest level or degree, usually in a negative manner.
I can't take it, Mrs. Gartrell breath be on 1000 constantly, i cant talk to her.

The Entertainer:I LOOOOOVE NEW YORK!!!!!
Others: This guy needs to calm down, he on 1000.
by Mr. 301 July 15, 2008
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1000+ is a way of describing something that is really cool or a thing that there is more than a thousand of.
There are 1000+ more pollution than it should be
by liberalerenliberal June 2, 2011
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When you fuck a woman on Red Bull like a jack rabbit
Dude took Rosa to the bedroom and went 1000 RPM on her Pussy!!
by will bitten August 20, 2017
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Black Terminatrix 1000. It's a play on the model from the Terminator. Talk show host and YouTube celebrity Tommy Sotomayor coined the term. He uses it to refer to specific women (hoodrats as he refers to them) which are according to him, destroying the Black community. He frequently refers to the DSE (which stands for Dark Skinned Edition) and LSE (light skinned edition).
Did you hear about the BT-1000 DSE that left her kids at home for the weekend in search of DNA (Dick And Attention)?

Cyberdine Systems just lost another BT-1000. They apparently claimed she was kidnapped from school during lunch time.
by DelDiablo May 28, 2015
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