an inferior species that lives mainly on planet earth
hey look! those stupid humans are trying to get into space!
by i dunno April 23, 2003
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Human (n.): A race with the capabality of intelligence, which has more disadvantages than advantages. The ability to imagine makes the species greedy, and in turn kills itself off. The race lives on the planet Earth and will soon destroy itself and possibly the planet along with it.

When not loved enough, the human will act in evil ways only for the purpose of making oneself feeling superior.
I hate being human.

Being in the army is de-humanizing.
by Aaron July 05, 2003
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*Humans are the parasites of this world, they screw up everything, are stupid and far overrated, they keep fucking and getting children and expanding but kill other creatures when there are to many.
*Humans are the parasites ~Andrew Ryan
by Andrew Ryan is back April 30, 2010
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The smartest creature in the world that still acts like a dumb animal from time to time.
Apparently, human civilization prefers stupidity for a survival trait, and merely uses the geniuses as instruments for inching along human progress.
by AYB June 23, 2003
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A largely upright, semi-advanced homonid with approximately 3.96 limbs. The typical human is dull, enjoys sex, food, games with balls, and cathode-ray tubes.
Englishmen are not to be confused with humans. They bear some apparent similiarities, but in fact belong to a lower genus.
Britney Spears is a human.
This is controversial and awaits confirmation.
by DougTheSlug April 19, 2005
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The absolute worst species - although possibly the most sophisticated, they are also the most stupid. Selfish riched crainiam a wrecking the planet and aren’t doing anything about it for multiple reasons. Such as: They are driven by power, and money, the earth most likely wont blow up in their life time. Humans are complete IDIOTS - and honestly no word can describe how stupid they are. There is a LOOONNG list of thing humans are doing wrong. ‘There are 2 things that are endless, human stupidity, and the universe, I’m not sure about the former’. Is a famous quote from a scientist known as ‘Albert Einstein’, who helped develop some thing humans are using to kill each other with. I may not be making much sense, but this is because I, like you - are unfortunately part of the HUMAN RACE.

And so - FUCK the humans, earth is FUCKED, and its because of the FUCKED up, FUCKING HUMANS!!!

Some humans aren’t as fucked up as the ones in power. Some are achually trying to help the already fucked planet.
Fuck its a poliction (Human with power)
by Beanton38 October 25, 2018
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A bipedal mammal that is so self-loathing that it mocks itself in every urban dictionary definition/synonym, including this one, but all-in-all is not actually that bad.
by Cadaei June 16, 2011
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