An increasingly overused synonym for the words although and however; used for the sole purpose of sounding more intelligent.
Boy, do I sound smart; albeit, I only know how to use a thesaurus.
by mcblind June 19, 2010
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It means the same thing as however or although
A sad ending, albeit a happy one.
by Bizzill Hizzause April 20, 2007
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it means eventhough or although retards and it doesnt look german at all. 'fluggenheimer' looks german.
by cannabis connoisseur February 24, 2005
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A ridiculously superfluous word found only in history texts and movie reviews.
"Why, yes, King James IV; I will be sucking your erect fallous tonight, albeit I will remain calm and reserved."
by Francisco Beeshkaman February 21, 2006
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A woman who enjoys the taste of another womans vagina.
A female who plays softball, wears flannel, maintains a mullet/short "spike" cut, hates men, fears the dong.
"Pat is clearly an "Albeiter", as she much resembles "Al" from Tool Time.
by Mike/Brandon December 31, 2005
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1. A German-looking word that is shoved unnecessarily into film reviews.
2. An enthusiastic response to a casual proposal.
1. This movie is steeped in reality, albeit in a heightened form.
2. "Do you wanna go to the arcade?"
by skinner likes dogfood February 22, 2005
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