The house will not be yours till after your mother's decease.

by Mehrdad.Hosseiny January 24, 2009
A polite way of saying dead.
My great-great grandfather is deceased.
by Dylan Coolidge August 7, 2006
A term a lot of drag queens use. It can be used like the sayingDed”. You usually use it when you find something really funny.
Girl 1: Omg did u see her dress lol it was so weird!
Girl 2: DECEASED !
by Summermoonlight December 24, 2017
Recently Dead.
my mom is deceased and so is my dad.
by Disappointing December 31, 2016
Deceasism isn't a word so not really a definition just dead or rich or something idk.
by Obamagon4730 February 15, 2021
cool, rad, hip, or sick
something that is just awesome
John: I am going on a European tour this whole summer.

Evert: That is so deceased!!!
by Arthur Finkelton June 14, 2009