February is the best month of the year. Its still nice and cold and snowy, but you know that spring is just around the corner if you're tired of all the bad weather. February is also the most unique month. 28 days long,(unless its every four years on a 'leap' year)
Valentines day is also in February. (the fourteenth)It's a fun holiday named after St. Valentine, and it's for cute happy couples. Many single or unhappy peope celebrate the anti Valentines day, ie. Singles awareness day.

People born in February are without a doubt the Cutest, Smartest, and Funniest set of people. If you are born after the 20th, you are also a PICES. This is the best Zodiac sign.
"Kristy is so cute! Shes nice too! How did she get so purfect and talented?"
"She was born in February"

"Eight days till march!"
"No. Nine days till march."
"*shakes head* Silly- this year is a leap year!"
by rawr~* August 21, 2008
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that one month where the singles are extra depressed. they only have about 13 days to find someone to date. and if they’re lucky they’ll get their person on the 14th.
shit February is coming.. i need a date
by fuepueta April 28, 2020
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It’s Free Fuck February so boy’s go get that game.
Boy : Let’s fuck
Girl : No i don’t do that
Boy : But it’s Free Fuck February

Girl : Your right lets go fuck
by Teagan R. November 7, 2019
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This month is national finger free month where no girl can finger themselves or anyone else
This month there’s no fingering in february
by Hey girlssss November 4, 2019
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