A spiritually insane, emotinally retarded, and megalomaniacal primate with an immense inferiority complex. It is ill-suited to survive in its environment, so instead of adapting as other species it changes the environment, for ill of everything including itself. It is a species that will surely go extinct in the next thousand years, a victim of its vaulting own success.
Don't blame us, we're only human.
by Killing Kittens May 19, 2004
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Incredibly arrogant creatures who seem to think that they are the only species on this planet.
The human race will eventually destroy itself, as well as the rest of the planet.
by PeachyKeen July 10, 2003
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NASA found this definition in what seemed to be an Alien type of dictionary, after a ufo crash that was covered up. it was recently decoded.

Human-pathetic, and smelly monkeys who have primitive technology(the internet is their greatest..Ha!ha!ha!Ha!ha!)and language/writing.
the weakest primeapes on planet Earth!

the only species who kill each other becuase of looks and different skin color!

A species in the universe who "claim" to be intelligent.
the laughing joke of the universe.
(SETI discovered this conversation of Two unknown Extraterrestrial species shortly after the 9-11 events!
it has recently been decoded.)
E.T#1-hey look those humans are fighting again.

E.T#2-dont they ever quit? Have they gone nuclear yet?

E.T#1-no, not yet! they just flew one of those, slow, ugly, pathetic, mettalic suedobird thingies into two of their large mettalic buildings, killing many of their own species again!

E.T#2- metal suedobird?. Oh- you must mean what they call an airplane.

E.T#1 yeah, i think thats what its called.

E.T#2- WHAT. those humans are so barbaric. i wonder what they are fighting over now. ill bet its skin color again!..ha, what a bunch of idots.

E.T#1-yeah, you can never figure a human out. oh and get this it happened on the peice of land called america.

E.T#2-no shit. WOW! if i recall right, america is the land full of humans with different skin colours right,

E.t#1- yep. they're the worst ones when it comes to fighting each other.

E.T#2- Oh i just remembered, America is the land with the best.. uh whats it called now,..Army!
I bet they go nuclear.

E.T#1 oh i hope so, that,ll be some show to watch!
by goganhusssan October 23, 2006
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1.)S.T.U.P.I.D. (Something The Underworld Puked Into Destiny...)

2.) An Insualt to any other animal in existence.

3.) God's way of dilapadating and destroying Earth.

4.) What scientests believe seperate them from "animals" (which humans are to) is the fact they have emotions. (THAT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST)

5.) Last but not least, God punishing the Earth, for unknown reasons...
1.) *BARF* Its a boy!

2.) Dude, you're such a human! *gunshot*

3.) (God): Hmm...alright, Kill the Dinos, I got a new way for the Earth to Pay *snicker*

4.)You kick a dog, it might bite your head off, or run away crying, THAT WAS A PERFECT DISPLAY OF EMOTION!!!

5.) (Earth): Nooooo! Im sorry I made Mars jealous of color!!! What will you do?!

(God):Put humans on your planet.

(Earth): MERCY! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!1
by Miles "Tails" Prower November 09, 2004
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God: I think I will make Humans...

* Then the first Human was born *

God: OH SHIT!!
by FlameAssassin February 22, 2005
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Bipedal creature found on Earth. First creature in the biosphere to succesfully refine abstract thought into more than the ability to lie and/or delude itself, humans developed the technique of picturing the way things might be and then planning ways to make reality fit the pattern.

This faculty turns in upon itself, however, when the attempt fails, leading to such emotional conflicts as self-loathing, bias against more succesful others, self-worship, or sublimation of individualism into a group mind.

Humans have borrowed many traits from other species such as hunting for pleasure ( from cats and squids ), enslaving other species ( from ants ), protecting and nurturing other species to gather products from them ( from ants ), spoiling other creatures habitats by their own constructs ( from beavers ), and creating and sharing habitats with other creatures ( from corals, rodents and birds ). Humans have invented several concepts for themselves, such as artistic endevour for its own sake, resource gathering and stockpiling for its own sake, ignorance and self-delusion as a natural right, love and attraction not solely for the purpose of reproduction, worship of the different, lack of diversity as a positive, and worship of the identical.

Humans are capable of percieving that they are less than what they imagine themselves to be. This is not only their major problem, it is also their major strength.
" Some say modern humans are smarter than cavemen, some say we are less. I think we are exactly as smart as cavemen, and that is pretty smart indeed".
by D F Stuckey July 05, 2004
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Despite religion and moral values, we have NO reason for considering ourselves above other animals.

Other animals participate in the global cycle, in which all resources are recycled and used again.

Humans can only unbalance this equilibrium and consume resources without replenishing them.
Humans are a burden to the planet.
by XeL March 09, 2005
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