A mathematical term over-zealous maths teachers such as Mr Logan use to piss off the entire class.
The root of the Quotient, is the Quotient of the root!
by ZeReyIno November 7, 2016
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the percentage of complete fucking tools attending any social gathering. normally higher at nightclubs that sell PBR in cans.
shit, fool, douchebag quotient be high tonight. bet the DJ's playing kid rock next.
by woozefa August 11, 2009
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The degree of measure to which someone came through in a moment of need, crisis, or difficulty. Can also be used in a sports context to acknowledge a moment where a player put on a game-winning performance when the team really needed him or her.
Brandi Chastain hitting that penalty shot against China was like a clutch quotient of 10.

Uh-oh, Rex Grossman just threw another interception. His clutch quotient is definitely in single digits.
by Geoff Lilley October 8, 2007
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The easier a guy makes his money, and the YOUNGER he is when he does so, and the AMOUNT of money the guy makes, added to how good looking he is, determines his “asshole quotient".(AQ). Therefore:

Young good looking guy
+ Easy Money
= Thinking they rule the world
Jay was a young, good looking, successful man in his early twenties. He thought that the world (including beautiful women being thrown at him on a regular basis) was owed to him. He had a very high A.Q.
by Snoopy Irma December 3, 2003
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The jackass quotient is a quantified measure of immaturity and stupidity, as the result of large ego.
The jackass quotient in the NBA is pretty high. If you gave incentive to players shooting from half-court by awarding additional points, you'd probably see them jacking shots up from way downtown.
by Bob Cobb March 15, 2005
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A score out of 100 which rates how porkable a hot babe is.
Ms NinjaFan has a PQ of about 85.
by Ms NinjaFan November 5, 2003
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