A mathematical term over-zealous maths teachers such as Mr Logan use to piss off the entire class.
The root of the Quotient, is the Quotient of the root!
by ZeReyIno November 7, 2016
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the percentage of complete fucking tools attending any social gathering. normally higher at nightclubs that sell PBR in cans.
shit, fool, douchebag quotient be high tonight. bet the DJ's playing kid rock next.
by woozefa August 11, 2009
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The degree of measure to which someone came through in a moment of need, crisis, or difficulty. Can also be used in a sports context to acknowledge a moment where a player put on a game-winning performance when the team really needed him or her.
Brandi Chastain hitting that penalty shot against China was like a clutch quotient of 10.

Uh-oh, Rex Grossman just threw another interception. His clutch quotient is definitely in single digits.
by Geoff Lilley October 8, 2007
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a special formula that will determine your gaming proness level. it is very complex and can only be calculated by a computer but it involves ratio of wins to losses, number of hours a day playing, and number of hot gamer chicks you pick up. a pr0 has a higher score.

the gondola quotient is a rating from 1 and up
to have a gondola quotient over 9000 is to be god
person: yo that pro has a Gondola Quotient of 8999. hes almost god.
person 2: ya, I hear he play 25 hours a day
by smexy_lolrus December 17, 2009
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The likelihood as measured by probability theory that you will experience a hug within a certain amount of time. Even when there are hug-restrictions imposed by external entities- whether they be societal, institutional or ethical- the shared, in-vivo space will, regardless, invoke the possibility of a hug, thus increasing the Hug Quotient. In the event that a hug cannot be delivered as only determined by a null hypothesis and there's not even a random friggin way to get a hug, the remote suggestion of a hug will continue to stimulate the memory of physical contact, reminding the body of its ability to induce a warm feeling of comfort and connection.
Curly: I just got a new on-line therapist
Mo: yeah, but those quacks have no Hug Quotient

Curly: Therapists aren't allowed to hug, idiot

Mo: idiot, you're the one with the therapist

Larry: You guys should try Ketamine
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it December 29, 2018
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A score out of 100 which rates how porkable a hot babe is.
Ms NinjaFan has a PQ of about 85.
by Ms NinjaFan November 5, 2003
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