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Means 'cute' in Japanese. Horrendously overused by fangirls on anything chibi. ANYTHING. Because they feel the need to repeat the three Japanese words they know OVER AND OVER. And they LEARNED said Japanese words by watching 'Naruto' in Japanese on YouTube ALL THE TIME.
KAWAII! I know Japanese now!
by Blue Ruse October 04, 2006

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When God decided to destroy the world.
What better thing to send in than humans?
by Blue Ruse August 08, 2006

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To draw thoughtlessly, usually out of boredom
He doodled during class
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006

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Sadly thoughtfull, glum
He felt melancholy as he gazed into the rain
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006

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The fanciest version of Solitaire I've ever played.
Of course, we all love the BSOD every few minutes too. Silly Windows.
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006

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An online game that once, in a distant time, was fun. I was on neopets years ago, before all this idiotic advertising. Then, the admins weren't all uptight, but cared about you and the site. They once even came onto the boards, and you were allowed to 'neomail' them. But such times are gone. You can get frozen for anything at all. (I got two accounts frozen twice in two days for commenting on how the site went downhill.) There was once a board called 'General Category' that one day, for no real reason, was removed. This was generally the 'idiot pen' and without it, the idiots roamed free. They all seemed to choose to go to the 'FC' where the roleplayers hung out. And that was the FCs demise. Slowly roleplays became more rare, and are now gone altogether. An 'IFC' was made in a secretive location. I was invited and it was fun for awhile. But the 'FCers' that went there simply became the idiots they hated, minus the chatspeak. There really isn't much reason to go anymore.
Neopets has really just turned into a merchandise spot.
by Blue Ruse August 09, 2006

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Self-rightous assholes who force their beleifs on everyone. Always thinking they're the best and the very reason we're at war.
I think George Bush is an example of republicans enough.
by Blue Ruse August 14, 2006

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