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(1) The theory that blood cells have two origins, from the lymphatic system and from the bone marrow.

(2) The view in psychology that the mind and body function separately, without interchange.

(3) The belief in the existence of two entities (as one good and one evil); ditheism; bitheism
(1) The scientific theory of dualism helps explains a lot, biochemically.

(2) The hypothesis of dualism provides a good insight, psychologically.
(3) I believe in dualism, for two opposite forces, one male and evil and the other good and female, or vice versa, makes a lot of sense and helps explain the neutrality of our universe.
by Supermanprime666 February 04, 2013
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A philosophy adopted by people who are confused by the mind. Dualism asserts that there is more than what is physical.
Supporters of dualism often believe in things like epiphenomenal qualia.
by spei ovt May 01, 2006
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