A word for our species, the hope for humanity depends on how well we advance and excel.
The more definitions I read on here, my faith in humanity decreases a bit.
by MadMixG June 1, 2014
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The worst, most stupid race on planet earth, only a few of their kind have proven to be smart.
Why is humanity so stupid you ask?

Go to these sites and look for yourself:
1) Wow, i have lost all faith in humanity.

2) The internet is the place where we see that humanity is fucked.
by MutsKun November 8, 2016
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1: the living end.
2: a walking disease.
3: beyond good and evil.
4: the flesh that never rests.
"My hatred for humanity has reached an all time high."
The Berzerker - February
by Nagiroth July 21, 2005
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1. The condition or quality of being human.

2. A self-referential, conceited and delusional concept of benevolence despite 20,000 years of history as evidence to the contrary.
The people of Rwanda and Burundi demonstrate their humanity for each other.
by Snowcat October 16, 2003
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The only reason the human race came to possess the capability of authority was sense of pride. Because they somehow mistakingly believe themselves to be a superior breed of beast. The moment they taste the fear of knowing there's a superior breed, something seems to take control over them everytime. And for some reason, humans act merely by instinct from that point on. However, there are rare ones that have love and common sense that help others in need selflessly in person or through art, music, movies, etc. and will always be there for another always no matter what. Yet the rare humans get called fake by the selfish, spoiled, jealous, ignorant, and/or lazy humans who try to ruin the rare humans lives because they're too daft to live their own life.
Ex. 1:

*Random human obviously depressed*

Common human: "He's/She's depressed, so he/she must be emo." (Ignorance) *Starts laughing at him/her*

Rare human: *Goes to random human* "Hey, you look sad. Wanta talk about it so I could try to help? We could be friends too! I'm {name}. *Smiles* (Loving, Kindness, Caring.)


Common human: *Sees random person with latest smart phone and walks up to person at first acting nice* "So, you bumpin' music on your iPhone? That's cool."

Random human: "Yeah, thanks." *Smiles*

Common human: *Had a cowardly other common human do a sneak attack to the random person while the hypocritical human that was acting nice starts beating the random human and takes the iphone and the two cowards run off* (Jealousy, Selfishness, and possibly Laziness to work for his own item him/her and the other human stole.)


Random human: *Lets other borrow something of theirs, after a few hours, days, etc. needs it back.* "Hey, where's my etc. I let you borrowed? I need to use it."

Common human: *Just points somewhere* "Look for it."

Random human: "Tell me where."

Common human: *Doesn't say anything* (Laziness, possibly Spoiled, Selfishness.)

Random human: "How hard is it to say a word? Geez, this is why I lost hope in humanity, there are humans who are apparently too lazy to even say things."
by Api Berlitz August 31, 2013
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