You know those people you see driving down the road at 1 in the afternoon on a sunny day with their headlights on for no reason? Yeah, those people.
Buddy, stop being a headlight whore and turn your headlights off, the sun is blinding my vision enough.
by Bumfuzz1 July 26, 2010
when a man is receiving oral sex from his partner and chooses at a random time to stick his fingers in his partner's ears resulting in a surprised partner with bulging eyes and two thumbs up look like antlers.
Susie was sucking me off with her eyes closed, so I deer in the headlights her and whoa!
by gwiz February 13, 2016
Getting poked in the eye with a penis, and, therefore, not being able to see out of that eye. Usually occurs during fellatio.
My girlfriend tried to give me a blowjob on a roller coaster, and she ended up losing a headlight.
by orbkcidymkcus March 15, 2013
The wide eyed gaze you get from your spouse or significant other when you tell them shocking or unusual news. A play on words from "deer in headlights."
Jane: What did your husband say about your secret $5000 shopping spree?
Margaret: Nothing. He just gave me the dear in headlights look.
by Dintx April 20, 2011
When you accidently lock eyes with a bro taking a dump in the woods, and then you dream about him sexually.

AKA: The Brokeback Outhouse
Randy wanted to remain drinking buddies, but after the "Deer in Headlights," Doug just couldn't do it.
by aggrobot August 19, 2011
Deer in the Headlights is a great game when 2 people dress up in a 1 deer costume and walk in front of cars unexpectedly and hope to not get it.
This is best to do in a neighborhood or school zone.
Best to do at night.
Alex and Greg dressed in a deer costume, walked to the end of the neighborhood, his and waited for oncoming cars to come. Must be at night.
Deer in the Headlights.
by A Retarted February 16, 2014
Someone who is so stuoid they look stupid i.e. a face that just says "DUUUH"
"that guy is looping through life with his headlights on dim!"
by Crazy Doc J August 15, 2006