seeing a womans nipples through a see through shirt
her headlights were shining through her shirt
by handle August 15, 2003
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When you can see a girl's nipples through her shirt, occurring most often on rainy or cold days
(rain falling outside)
Ben: Do you know what this rain means?
Paul: No, What?
Ben: Some girls will have their headlights on today.
by Sirk10 April 21, 2008
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1. oversized diamond earrings

2. oversized female breasts, see hooters
1. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."

2. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."
by Joe Bone March 14, 2005
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She stunned me with her headlights.
by joespagg February 18, 2006
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(n.) The lights on a car that luminate the area directly in front of it. Garuanteed to change on every model.

(n.) large breasts.
Shit, that guy turn down his headlights before he causes and accident.

Woah! Headlights! *receives head*
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 1, 2004
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When a woman's nipples are obviously erect. Usually humorously called to attention.
"Honey, your headlights are on."
by tradesman April 1, 2003
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