look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
"she gazed into Benjamin's deep blue eyes"
by Ellie Otter January 24, 2022
Having to go through some unnecessary bullshit or a waste of your time.
Mary: Uh sorry you can't come to the party anymore.

John: Really? We just drove an hour to get here what a damn gaze!
by xoemaye November 18, 2011
An intense form of stare, as referred to by David Bowie:
"I gazed a gazely stare"
by Procrafter August 11, 2021
In blog terminology, to glare with silent disapproval at a troll who has intentionally attempted to derail a topic.

A sign of non-acknowledgment of a particularly offensive or inflammatory post, and a sign to other commenters not to “feed the troll” (pay attention to a disruptive commenter). Usually written all capitals.
Post #1 (Patriot) "Socialism is a fatally flawed ideology that has utterly failed the people it purported to help."

Post #2 (troll) "Well of course it did to a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe like you. You and the other Chimpy McBushhitlerites probably want to grind up the lazy ass poor people and turn them into dog food! My food doesn't have parents. Meat is murder!

Likewise some workaholics are obscenely rich and it's not fair. The money that they stole from the native Americans should be taken away and given to the lazy ass poor people (so that they can become lazy ass middle class people). And what about WMDs and global climate change? What about that huh?

Mean people suck, and I hope you eat a lot of fast food and die of a heart attack. Fascist bastards."

Post #3 (Patriot) GAZE
by (I am) John Doe February 8, 2008
When two virgins stand on opposite sides of the room and masturbate to each other.
by wu36th November 23, 2013
To take a deeper look into the practices of any nations military and honor their sacrifices and triumphs.
by Ranchgirls December 6, 2020
verb; to Lee Gaze:
1) to get angry about something; to rant about something, usually on Twitter.
2) to sort something out violently.

(named after the guitar of Lostprophets, Lee Gaze, due to his frequent raging outbursts about trivial things)
1) These traffic jams make me so mad, I'm gonna Lee Gaze them soon!
2) The situation had escalated to the point where the only solution was to Lee Gaze it.
by PokeAMole March 10, 2010