Deliberate misspelling of 'yes' that originated at the Figure Skating Universe forums, often used by people who want to add a bit of wannabe "Russian flavour" to what they're writing.
Can also be used in the same way as "aren't you?" at the end of questions.
Eys, I'd like some chocolate please.

You're going that way eys?
by Alexan D. Ra October 08, 2006
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Stands for "Eat it", Nelly uses it often in his songs. Means that you are about to receive oral sex.
From Nelly's song: "My boo gives me head up in the bath tub... EI, EI."
by Pseudonymph July 23, 2004
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Something a gay guy does at a bar when you are alone and across from him.
by Killaaz April 01, 2011
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A mutual acceptance of the end of conversation, agreeing with the outcome to "meet one later", or "get ripped", without requiring the usual spoken acknowledgement of such.
"I'll be round in 5. ei."
by tammer & code July 16, 2006
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Used at the end of conversations or phone calls generally meaning "goodbye" or "see you later".
As used by Nelly at the start of the "Ride Wit Me" video: "I'm on my way. ei."

"ei fo sheezy mah nigga."
by marcode July 14, 2006
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