Dope ass 80's fueled car headlights that pop up from the front of a car, giving the a car a clean no headlight look when the lights aren't in use. Often known as or referred to as "pop-ups" or "flippy bois."

They were discontinued on cars after it was decided that "They're unsafe for pedestrians."
(we don't recommend hitting pedestrians.)
"yo dude that MR2 has dope pop-up headlights!"
by FauxBoi July 24, 2022
Driving at night with the headlights off waiting for another car to flash their lights at you.
Yo that bitch wants to play the headlight car game lets follow her and scare the shit out of her!
by Thick Lil Miss November 27, 2019
Pop up headlights, also known as a retractable headlight or simply "pop-ups", are a mechanism pulls down the headlight assembly so it is hidden and flush with the lines of the car. This aids in aerodynamics and asethics. When the headlights are turned on, they flip up or "pop up" out the hood/bumper, allowing the bulbs to illuminate the road.

This was a common feature on many import cars such as the Miata and Mk3 Supra and even exotics like 80s Ferraris. However, they were banned from new car designs in the early 2000s for pedestrian safety issues, such as like lack of DRL and also to meet newer fuel economy standards (poor aerodynamics). These could also break, causing more safety issues.
Person 1: Why doesn't that car have headlights?
Person 2: Dude that's a Mk3 Supra, it has pop-up headlights
by icantthinkofausername777 April 26, 2020
when it's cold outside and one nipple decides to go out and the other decides to stay in

consistent until breast feeding.
Girl, its chilly outside, you got one headlight out.
Somebody call the cops, you got one headlight out, baby!
by Dana Ryan Nelson Josserand March 15, 2008
When a guy or girl is awestruck by your amazing looks
Bruh, she looked like a deer in my headlights when she saw me.
by Deemoneyraw25 December 20, 2017
(v.) Scared into not moving, like a cute bunny about to be squished.

(n.) A rampant rabbit between breasts.
Which rabbit do you prefer, gentlemen?
by Gumba Gumba June 1, 2004
Term used to describe vigorous sex with a some hot bitch. Usually used in a hypothetical situation- bar talk.
Frank was all boozed up when he gestured to that bitch in the corner and said to me, "hey... how would you like to fuck her headlights out." Frank is such a moron.
by Frank Klaune June 24, 2006