Someone who is so stuoid they look stupid i.e. a face that just says "DUUUH"
"that guy is looping through life with his headlights on dim!"
by Crazy Doc J August 15, 2006
The tip of the penis has been sanded down and subsequently polished (as one would detail a car).
Dan's polished headlight was too shiny for the ladies to resist.
by potatoiam September 27, 2013
When two guys stand face to face looking into each others eyes and jerk each other off. (An adaptation from Dutch rudder)
by Noodles0105 February 10, 2018
The sweat origaniating from a female's breast, usually during sex.
man she was soaked in headlight fluid last night!!
by LaidBackGuy1988 December 6, 2005
When a fatter person puts there breast on the sides of a sleeveless shirt.
by Kyleman123 July 4, 2019
Padiddle, a game played when driving at night with a group of people. Someone sees a car with a headlight out and calls "Padiddle!!" Then gets to choose someone in the car that had to remove a piece of clothing.
by tinyduke November 28, 2013