A Click Five song on their sophomore album Modern Minds and Pastimes.
My favorite song is Headlight Disco.
by MelnKel November 24, 2007
(def adj) the case of a braless female. Similar to the male equivalent of free balling.
"Whoa, that chick has intense loose headlights!" or "Check out the loose headlights on that ho!"
by Chica Mann January 29, 2006
When you put your ballsack on your sleeping mate's eyes to half cover them and then shine a torch down onto your balls. It gives the recipient a blurry image of the torch light, resembling a car's headlights on a foggy night.
Mark: "Hey man, Jay's sleeping on the lounge, do something to him"
Simon: "Pass me the torch, I'll do the Hungarian Headlights"
Mark: Ew dude, that's gross.
by Shitcunt Si January 14, 2011
The state of being after a loved one has died, or in some cases after a unintentional breakup, such as someone moving away. Denotes an attempt to cling to whats lost.
He's been a one headlight ever since she died.
by Captain Kevo February 20, 2009
A flashlight stuck out of a car window to be used as a headlight. It can be done because the driver can't afford working headlights, or for style.
People pointed and laughed at Gerald as he drove down the street bumpin' tunes out of his boombox, with his ghetto headlight lightin' up the street. Some people thought he was mad cool but others thought he was just cheap.
by B-Rad2 September 30, 2006
An orgasm that occurs during road head.
She took me to the BEST headlight disco last night.
by Josh31 November 24, 2007