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(adj.) Insane, particularly if characterised by exaggerated or cartoonish behaviour ; gibbering in an nonsensical fashion. (After Roger Irrelevant in Viz magazine.)
He stood in the corner shouting, "Wibble! Wibble! More beetroot, Archdeacon?" I'm afraid he's gone completely hatstand.
by Johnny S. April 01, 2003
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- Used to describe ones state of mind.
- Can be said both in a positive or negative manner.
- One who is off-balance; so to speak.

- Used to describe someone or something that is useless or purposeless.

- In some cases it can be used to describe a person who is useless and at the sametime; mad.

**Originated in the Fylde area of Lancashire, England. Some believe Mr. M. Walolski first used it after leaving a nightclub in Blackpool.
- After a large consumption of alcohol and narcotics; one could describe themselves as being "Hat Stand" or "A Hat Stand".
- Legend has it that Mr. M. Walolski, whilst falling out of a nightclub door said, " For fucks sake, I'm a fucking Hat Stand!" Interesting as he had no hat and couldn't stand.
- "Watch out for him; he's a fucking Hat Stand! He'll kick-off if you just look at his beer"

An Ant Farm is as useless as "A Hat Stand".

George W. Bush

by Ali. P October 04, 2006
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Completely mad. Bonkers. Cuckoo
You know that girl I was seeing? Well, it turns out she's totally hatstand.
by Craig May 10, 2004
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Person who must be avoided if at all possible. Utter, utter, utter fucking twat. A useless, irritating, boring, stuttering fuckwit.

For all the good they do, they may as well be stood in the corner doing fuck all.

Much like a Hatstand.
It is my considered opinion that that the government minister is, indeed, a fucking hatstand.
by Cheerful John January 23, 2012
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Completely and utterly insane beyond any form of possible understanding.
Brian is off his medication I think. I phoned him today and he was completely HAT STAND!
by Rudy Latex November 27, 2007
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The natural habitat of a Gibbet, often associated with duckietape and fire!
I put that Gibbet on his hatstand, duckietaped his hands and feet and set fire to him!
by Skrink February 21, 2006
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