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Derived from 'end' describing someone as very drunk - heard in and around Birmingham in England but might be more wide spread.
Bob: I'm getting ended tonight!
Jim: Yeah, let's get ended and pull some fit birds!
by V2 December 23, 2004
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To end oneself, or to be ended. To have an acident, or meet with a misfortunate incident resulting in injury or serious bodily harm.
"Shit man,he's a toser, I'm going to end him"- "Gosh, I do find that gentleman over there rather unpleasant, I think I shall have to resort to violence"
by Kate June 11, 2003
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1. The final outcome of Crouch's Life.
2. Destroy remains of all existence, in forms of self esteem, confidence, pleasure.
3. Born with inhibitated physical features including red hair, tiny willy, flat/almost unseeable nipples, red pubs.
4. Can only be performed by superior authority i.e. anyone except crouch.
5. Rodrigo, our lord and saviour shall return to defy critics and officially end crouch to restore peace to the universe.
6. Crouch loves shuttlecocks.
*Note: Often taken place in a certain fraction of the universe, mainly Ended Corner.
It is the end for crouch, he has finally been ended, the wrold has rejoiced and is now celebrating, especially the bandits.

Till the end of time, i shall never be ended.

A reckless bandit can never be ended.
by Bandit One May 11, 2011
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