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their are atleast 9 you have to pay attention to during foreplay sex and after sex.
1. upper lip
2. finger tips
3. armpits
4. nipples
5. g-spot
6. clit
7. ass
8. thighs
9. toes/feet
She loves me
how you know?
cus i took care of all her erogenous zones
by Craig March 12, 2003
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Fine strain of marijunana
by Craig July 16, 2004
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one who raids tombs - the act of having sexual intercourse
raid my tomb baby - oh yeah
by Craig May 20, 2004
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Slang for a 40oz bottle of beer. Reffers to its similarity in shape to a torpedo.
Can a brother get a buck for a torpedo Dogg?
by Craig October 29, 2002
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Short for noob treat. One that is so bad, he is a treat even for noobs.
Have you seen this kid play halo? He's such a treat.
by Craig March 14, 2005
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American phenomenon that has infiltrated the UK over the last 20 years. When organised by adults the event results in sweet, fancy dressed children being given confectionery by random strangers whose houses the children have knocked on the doors of. However the reality is that groups of antisocial delinquents have an excuse to roam streets, threatening and intimidating anyone stupid enough to open their front doors to them and generally vandalise property and disturb the peace. It is the parents of these reprobates that think the idea is fun as they are completely unaware of the havoc their little darlings are causing. Another great American export. God Bless America, indeed.
Trick or treat? The trick is that I will throw an egg at your house and vandalise your garden. The treat is I'll do exactly the same, even if you give me some sweets.
by Craig November 1, 2004
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