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when you don't care at all about something
i don't really give a flying fuck about what you think... go fuck a horse!!
by craig March 12, 2003

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An unfulfilling, tedious waste of 8+ hours of the day, five days of the week, that you only persist with in order to pay the bills and the ever mounting debt that comes from having to increase your spending in order to entertain yourself outside of working hours as you are so brain dead from the hours you spend in work.

Websites such as www.urbandictionary.com are becoming increasingly popular because there are so many people out there who are either in a shit job and have nothing better to do or have had a shit job which they have quit/been fired from and are now sitting around not working as they don't want to get another shit job.
Every job I've been in
by Craig September 07, 2004

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A mental illness where the sufferer experiences episodes of depressed and manic states. During the depression periods the sufferer has feelings of worthlessness and deflation. Manic episodes are characterised by opposite thoughts, where the person can be hyperactive, talk very quickly, make rash decisions and be dominated by thoughts of sex. Often during these episodes the sufferer is unaware of what they are doing and will deny anything is wrong with them.
A girl I know called Nichola has Bipolar Disorder but she is unaware that her actions when she is manic make her unbearable to work with. Deep down I know that she is a sweet girl but she won't listen to any advice I give her. I wish she would seek help otherwise she will end up a very lonely individual
by Craig November 03, 2004

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the annoying part after you think your finished with the sex and cleaned up, a little bit more cums out
hey big boy didn't you clean up?
No you didn't look down
oh fuck
by craig March 11, 2003

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An apartment where crack smokers gather to... Well, smoke crack.
Lets go down to the crack house!
by craig May 07, 2004

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The stereotypical name for an individual, because some dumbass actually invented a stereotype for someone who belongs to no stereotype. An individual is someone who likes their own thing, maybe they skate, but like to wear a lot of black. Normally they dress in whatever fashion they like and do whatever they enjoy doing. They see that there is no need for so many people to belong to a stereotype, and will normally refer to themselves as normal as in their own eyes they don't belong to a stereotype, but to other idiots (usually townies) they do, and that stereotype is called indie.
Townie: Look at your long 'air, what are you, a skater?

Me: No, I'm not anything, I'm just normal.

Townie: So you is a indie, ay?

Me: Whatever you want to call it.
by Craig March 23, 2005

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Once a very popular TV Show, Card game and video game which I myself was quite a fan of at the time. The TV Show and Card game sort of fizzled out after Poke'mon had had its time but the games were very good and they still exist to day. Of course I'm always seeing new card series's being brought out and am occasionally mildy interested because the artwork on some of the cards was rather good. In fact the card game was very popular and a lot of fights broke out about people not trading fairly and people even resorted to stealing others cards but I knew it had all gotten out of hand when at my first school they had people to watch over the swapping of Poke'mon cards and advising people on good swaps. Eventually most schools banned Poke'mon cards (and any others for that matter). So, when they began bringing out all those new Poke'mon and card sets it got a bit boring. So all in all the original Poke'mon cards, games and possibly the TV series was a rather good achievement but it never managed to keep a lot of fans after a few years, but, of course there are still dedicated Poke'mon fans all over the world.
When Poke'mon was cool:

Person 1: Whoa look I got this Japanese import of Venusaur!

Person 2: Oh well cool! Swap it for my shiny Clefairy!?

Person 1: No way!
by Craig January 21, 2005

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