Referring to something you really, really cannot be bothered with.
I just walked through the rain for an hour, could you?
by jh11 March 23, 2011
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requesting someone to take back something they just did or said
You grab your girlfriends ass in public.
Response: Um, could you NOT? (emphasis on 'not')
by Terence Michael July 24, 2003
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This isn't your normal everyday could you please, the way it is ment o be said is in a harsh manner, this is because it means stop it. Sorry this definition sucks, I am busy gherkin it.
Tina: Tyler! Get your hands out of your pants!
Sadex: Tina, could you please.
by Tyler Sadex May 26, 2004
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What you say when you strongly disagree with something that was said/done/is happening. Can be applied to persons, actions, pretty much anything that you want to emphasize against.
1." Hey Im gay, fuck me in ass please!" - Peter
"Could you fucking not, were in public, dumbass" -Me
2. *Eating some lit french fries*
*Peter comes and starts munching from your fries stash*
"Hey Peter, could you fucking not?" -Me
3. *Waking up at weekend to notice that its raining like motherfucker outside*

"Goddamn, could you fucking not" - Me
by Realest motherfucker April 1, 2016
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WHUTT?? Did u really mean to do or wtv that!?!

ps: this definition, expression just came out of my head.. makes sense to me
by bdzzbdzz March 9, 2016
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A more rude and aggressive way of nicely asking someone to stop doing something.
*James pokes Becky*
Becky: could you fucking not please/CYFNP! its annoying!
by dat guy! January 17, 2016
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