Ridiculous. London rhyming slang for the shortened 'ridic' by way of the popular Vin Diesel film 'The Chronicles of Riddick'.
Mate, where did you get them trainers? They're fucking chronicles.
by E8mate September 26, 2013
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The section of the newspaper used when rolling joints to make them look bigger.
- Kelsey did you put newspaper in your joints?
- Only the chronicles.
by Shawn Maglicic December 20, 2005
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is Chronicles a name? is it a country? is it a plant? is it a type of food? We will never know.
Chronicles: wsp
Me: ur name is a piece of shit
by lolhahahsas December 23, 2020
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The most extreme state of getting pwned; getting extremely owned usually by a pwner.
"dude i just got hit in the face... i got chronicled!"
by BobbyV April 2, 2008
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Ridiculous; derived from the film title 'The Chronicles of Riddick' and playing upon the homophoneity between 'Riddick' and ridic.
"I ate 17 chicken nuggets last night."
"That's chronicles."
by Zapsta March 8, 2009
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stories about being high or trips you hear about or tell friends, usually during seshes. Gets its name from chronic.
me and my friends cheefed a phat bowl, and through the hazy smoke told them of my adventures and chronicles being blitzed
by sebastiancee January 28, 2008
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A game series created by the user KrimsonKatt. It features a long and complex plot over multiple generations and timelines with multiple game styles such as turn-based RPGs, action RPGs, metroidvanias, 2D Action Platformers, Real-Time RPGs, visual novels, adventure games, tactical RPGs, and more. Meteo Chronicles is the first game in the series, which released in Q1 2021. Many more games are planned, such as zero gear chronicles and ebony chronicles, (turn based RPGs and sequels to meteo chronicles) crypt challenge DX, (epilogue to meteo chronicles) firebrand chronicles, (action RPG) genesis chronicles, (visual novel/RPG hybrid) unreal chronicles, (tactical RPG) boltman chronicles episodes 1-6, (episodic RPG) secret borough chronicles episodes 1-4, (episodic RPG sister game to bc) boltman chronicles extend, (epilogue RPG to boltman chronicles) Yume Nikki: Azure Vermillion Re:Union, (adventure game) sakura chronicles 1 and 2, (metroidvania) 3:33, (2D action platformer) Super Sonichu Tactics, (tactical RPG) Chronicles Arena, (2D fighter) remnant chronicles, (3D zelda-like action RPG) and finally final chronicles, (open-world real-time RPGs with action elements.) Made primarily with RPG Maker, (namely MV and MZ) but some games use other engines like SRPG studio, Pixel Game Maker MV, and Unity.
"Man, I can't wait for the next Chronicles of Chronicles game. I heard it's going to be an action RPG. I can't wait!"
by KrimsonKatt December 20, 2020
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