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Someone who accurately believes (I.E. knows) that STEM careers are useful to society, and that people who study arts and humanities are leeches on society.
"I wish I was a STEMlord, but I studied Social Sciences, now all I have to offer is opinions."
by IngyG March 17, 2021
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A combination of Straw-Manning and Trolling.
Strolling is when a person deliberately attempts to invoke an irrational response or argument. Strolling, if done successfully, will provoke and expose a genuinely held bad argument rather than disengenuously create one in order to mischaracterize an opponents argument.
"Wow, look at these over-reactions to what I said.
Very effective strolling."
by IngyG April 30, 2022
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Possibly originating from a man who kept trying to put his wife on a hatstand because he thought she was a hat. Chronicles by Oliver Sacks in his book “The man who thought his wife was a hat”.
Hatstand means crazy.
The dictator of Azerbaijan is completely hatstand.
by IngyG May 17, 2020
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