When two or more things are unrelated. when the gramatical layout of the sentence doesn't allow for the word "unrelated" the word "unrelation" can take it's place
John: This pic is getting some really unrelated arguments, "kinkyness and frozen bread" all on a pic of gemma with a leather jacket on.

Smith: unrelation ftw?
by p3rs0n42 March 8, 2009
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The first shout that is given to someone in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is a shout in which the user shouts the enemy on the opposite side of him is blown up to 100 ft but is not killed or harmed mentally or physically. It is also known to mean when a man is shouting loudly into a woman's vagina in which the force is so strong they begin to vibrate and then have a never ending orgasm and then the woman screams so loud that is scares the man to orgasm and scream causing the process to repeat.
I was playing Skyrim and did an Unrelenting Force and then went to my girlfriend and did an Unrelenting Force, I had to go to the doctor to get my ear checked.
by MagicNarwhal January 1, 2012
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A Harry Potter role-playing site, Unrelated Wizards was created when a group of people would spam the comment section of photos on the website Unrelated Captions pretending to be characters . They were then yelled at by Unrelated Captions's Admin. The group decided they must form their own website, and elected the one who called himself "Remus Lupin" to do so, which he painstakingly did. The Unrelated Wizards now spend their time having parties on their forum
Quoted from the site:
Founded by a group of rebels who would take over the comments of photos with unrelated captions, Unrelated Wizards is a website. That's all I have to say.
by Remus John Lupin March 26, 2010
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The first shout, word of power, or thu'm you learn in the game Skyrim. Is often used by Skyrim nerds and is commonly used as a way to yeet a troll off a cliff. This shout pushes objects and mobs in game away from the player. There are three words of power; Fus (meaning force), Ro (meaning balance), and Dah(meaning push). The shouts in skyrim are actually phrases in the ancient Draconic language. A battle between two dragons in game is actually a lethal conversion.
Peep 1: I'm what's the name of the shout that you can use to push a troll off a cliff?
Peep 2: Unrelenting force. The three words of power are Fus, Ro, and Dah. Remember, you screamed them at me like two minutes ago?
Peep 1: oooohhh yeeeeaaaahhh
Peep2: it's also the first word you learn, stupid.
Peep 1: FUS RO DAH
Peep 2: *Blatantly irritated* really?
by Dizzyowl2203 January 17, 2020
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Famous statement on 4chan.org, used by people, or OPs who request a picture but just want to dump random images of their own with nothing to do with the request. By saying "pic unrelated" at the end of the post, you are automatically excused for posting something with nothing to do with what you requested
4chan user: Anyone have any Team fortress 2?
In 1920x1080 preferably
Pic unrelated
by yobrova December 13, 2009
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Unrelated tags are basically tags that are unrelated, and they're used for advertising. Basically, some people add LOTS OF RELATED AND UNRELATED TAGS to advertise.
Man: *types unrelated tags in the YT video tags and gets more views*
by BESTMAHMOUD10 July 22, 2018
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One day i was cooking muffins with my mom but we accidentally cooked a rat into one
Batman dies in endgame also this is an unrelated definition
by Large-pp August 25, 2019
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