The act or process of concentrating, especially the fixing of close, undivided attention.
If you have great powers of concentration , that means you're able to focus all your attention on the matter at hand.
by Mariendra March 02, 2014
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You will learn this in geometry.

Concentric means "sharing the same center". Con- = used multiple times, -Centric = center-related. (like cooperate: multiple people doing the same task)

So, it's like a dartboard or bullseye: the circles are all around the same point.

Something three-dimensional, like cylinders (water bottles, spray cans), may be coaxial.
The solar system is concentric. All the planets orbit the sun.

A properly set table has the bowls and plates concentric.
by Solomon H February 13, 2006
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What they did to the jews
Person 1: Yo Hitler sent those Jews to concentration camp so they could think right?

Person 2: no nigga. They died
Person 1: damn
by DikInYoMouf69 June 29, 2018
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Euphemism for the delightful, ambrosial act of excreting; to shit.

See concentration.
"Hold on, I'm going to the bathroom, I need to concentrate."

"Yo, Imma gonna concentrate nigga".
by rony orwell October 09, 2014
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