The word used by Rowan Atkinson in "blackadder goes forth" to denote a state of insanity. I the scene he puts pencils up his nose and repeats "wibble wibble" in order to get sent home from the trenches.
George: "What is your name?"
Blackadder: "Wibble."
George: "What is 2 plus 2?"
Blackadder: "Wibble, Wibble."
Blackadder, trying to prove he is mad, in his bunker, with underpants on his head and a pendil up each nostril
by nevyn April 30, 2007
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Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists who are a few cards short of a full deck
I was arguing online with this wibble
by Wibblewobblecovid January 2, 2021
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Pointless, random messages left on message boards by bored / time wasting internet users.

Wibble: To post pointless messages.
Wibblage: The pointless messages left.
Wibbler: A person who leaves pointless messages.
"You really should try to wibble less..."

"I haven't had time for much wibblage recently - I've been busy."

"Wibblers of the world unite..."
by Loao August 1, 2004
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An old boys summer camp favorite, the Wibble. The act of putting your own hand down your pants, holding your balls until your hand is nicely warmed, then placing your clammy palm on the unsuspecting cheek of a fellow camper or counselor while exclaiming "Wibble".
Johnny removes his sticky warm palm from his pants and plants it on the cheek of his unsuspecting counceller Bill:

Johnny: "Wibble!!!"
Bill: "Sheeeet, wibbled for the 4th time today..."
by MrWibble October 4, 2009
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I almost got in an accident because I decided to wibble at like 120 mph
by g-sauce55 June 25, 2007
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