what i do involuntary. it is a discordance b/t the tongue lips and jaw. also believed to be involved with the bones of the inner ear. there are methods of retraining the vocal patterns of stuttering, but they are very hard to maintain, for it take total concentration for the stutterer, no just what he says, but how be breathes, how he begins his speech, all the way down to the next breath. for you fellow stutterers, check out www.stuttering.org. works wonders. 2 week school in Roanoke, Va.
hard "E" and "A" sounds, as in "everyone," or "apple." caused by too much pressure on the vocal folds (IAP, Increased Articalitory Pressure), compounded by the tightening of the tongue, lips, jaw, and everyone in the f-ing room staring at you wondering what you are gonna say. is it Apple? Against? Antartica? Ant? wow, the suspence! such is the suffering of stuttering.

by wode December 15, 2006
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stammering or repeating one word once or twice when you're nervous about something or someone
damn that girls beauty got me stuttering while speaking to Jim this morning
by tboyjones February 17, 2011
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a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds
The speaker stutter when he saw his opponent enter the room
by eweke December 8, 2006
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a sp- p- peech dis- s- sorder involving he- esitations and inv- voluntary repetitions of certain s- s- sounds
He st- t- tarted to stutter af- fter his op- p- ponent entered the r- r- room
by Maxifire32 April 26, 2022
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When someone has trouble speaking a word, normally from being nervous or from anxiety; the past tense of stutter
Why did you stuttered when you said my name? Spit it out bitch!
by Jerry💖 January 27, 2019
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A speech disorder where the person repeats words and hesitates when speaking. More prominent and common among people when they are:
a) Lying
b) Speaking in front of large audiences
c) Talking to someone intimidating
d) Actually being affected by an impediment or
e) Involved in a truly traumatizing experience that leaves them scarred for life, along with the bedwets.
Did you hear about Little Johnny? He saw his mom screwing the plumber, and now he's got a stutter worse than Porky Pig.
by Tfolt October 3, 2007
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A stutter is a triple-beat element in electronic dance music at the start of a musical phrase. It is most commonly used with techno music.
Therefor, the first beat in a phrase-group is replaced by a double-beat with half the note value, resulting in the perception of a triple-beat.
I don't like this song, there's no stutter, man.
by m00wn June 23, 2015
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