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when somebody who doesn't have a girl friend or a loner shakes his special organ with his hand
Ever since Chris's girl friend broke up with him, he is relying on hand-pump.

Matt was doing hand-pumping whole night, he looks so pale.

Hand-Pump is the best way to satisfy yourself without spending a single quid and No-tensions as well.
by Anks00 April 30, 2011
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background - dan brown
an insult presumably meaning 'wanker' or 'laurajean'
''can i have a bong dan'', ''fuck off you hand pump''
by jonny p January 28, 2005
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Discovered by men but stolen by the female species at a horrid attempt to bargain with the opposite sex by attempting to offer something as a treat, when in reality, it is something very ordinary, manipulated by evil girls to make you do chores or give them flowers! The 21st century version of a kiss!
Dave is the Hand-Pump king
by Graham Kingswood August 19, 2008
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Alternative way of saying jerk or wanker that is unlikely to contravene NSFW rules.
Do you remember when we worked for Charlie? That bloke was a total handpump.
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by ultegra August 01, 2019
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