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a very healthy thing. tastes good with the crunchy stuff! everyone should eat yogurt
ahh I don't have anything good to eat that's not fattening...
-eat yogurt!
by lalala January 07, 2005
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Space Balls character made to mock Yoda of Star Wars
Yogurt: "You must use the scwartz"
by NRB May 07, 2004
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What you get if you leave milk in a cap, put it in a locker, and forget about it for a few months.
"Why is there yogurt in this cap?"

"Well it used to be milk, and, well, time makes fools of us all."
by IkeM November 02, 2003
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Synonym to idiot, with added emphasis on the quality of being passive or plain.


1) someone who has no input
2) of inferior intelligence
3) is boring
4) non-cooperative
Tony: Yo John you coming to the club tonight?

John: ......I don't know man my mom wants me to walk the cat.

Tony: Buddy your a fucking YOGURT!


Tony: Hey babe how bout me, you, my malibu ;)

Mel: I gotta watch jersey shore tonight, sorry.

Tony (to Vito): That girls a fucking yogurt, she decided to watch guidos on t.v. instead of getting with a real one.
by Reaper of the Corn February 13, 2011
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Greg's so yogurt

Yogurt ass motherfucker

Kid's mad yogurt, lookin' like a motherfucking yoplait dessert delight
by Condor Bro May 30, 2011
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A. (transitive verb) The act of forcing yourself to do something you don't like with the intention of eventually enjoying it. This especially applies to eating food (e.g. yogurt).

B. Some use this term to mean "The act of doing something you don't like" (i.e. "put up with"), though this varies from the original meaning of the term since there is no intention to ever enjoy the action.
<Def. A>
I never liked tomatoes, but after yogurting them for a few months, I now like them on my melted cheese sandwiches.

Eugena yogurted eating tomatoes.

<Def. B>
Dating Charlie is ok, so I'll yogurt him until something better comes along.
by Claudatious January 09, 2010
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