Anachronistic form of "while", used to create an illusion of intelligence or literacy. More often than not makes the user sound like a pretentious ass.
I always listen to Mozart whilst studying.
by Vith January 14, 2013
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Centuries ago, the word "while" developed into "whiles" and "whilst". "Whiles" was soon dropped from usage, but "whilst" persists to this day, even though it is considered archaic.

The only difference between their meanings, and it is a subtle one, is that "whilst" has a slightly greater emphasis on two events happening concurrently. For example:
While other goods are becoming cheaper, bread is becoming more expensive." (You would not use "whilst" here.)

The guys were filming the video whilst jumping off cliffs! (You could use "while" here, but you would lose the emphasis on the dramatic fact that the two acts were being done at the same time.)
by Brother Ramon July 10, 2011
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Whilst is the alternate form of "while" that can only be used mid-clause.
"I'll do the dishes whilst you do the laudnry"
as apposed to
"While you were out of town, i skeeted all over your furniture."
by krevin April 17, 2007
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An intelligent word to use in the place of "while"
I was trying to take a look at that hot chick whilst driving. It didn't turnout so well.
by Kamikazie June 26, 2006
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A word used by pretentious people that has the EXACT same meaning as "while." It is used for the soul purpose of appearing "different" or "unique." Often used by British people. Use this word if you want to sound like a cunt.
"Hello m'lady," he said whilst tipping his fedora.
"Don't talk to me."
by lamasauce August 16, 2015
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Another way to say 'while.'

People who use the word 'whilst' think they sound intelligent, but no… they just sound fucking retarded.
I will stab you to death whilst I pee on your body.
by SHUTUPjasper January 12, 2015
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A fancier way to say Multi-Tasking. Use it to impress your friends at your mastery of the English language.
He's always been so good at whilsting, he can get so much done so fast.
by Dominic Chacal October 27, 2011
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