This spelling is often used by men who are going through a sex change. They are not a Girl yet but are a Gurl. The U representing a mans member that is still intact.
Gurl, when is the surgery?
by Anon March 25, 2005
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A Naval officer with the 1100 code in the General UnRestricted Line (GURL), doesn't have a warfare specialty, doesn't serve at sea and consequently attracts personnel who would otherwise have made a career in the postal service.
My JAG lawyer thought it was important to get a GURL on the courts-martial board so that I could get acquitted.
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
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Can only be used to refer to her.If any other female is to be called, the proper name is "girl".
It can only be used in the context of talking to or about her. The use of the other word can not be considered anything less than an offense.
-Copyrighted for lil G©
"hey gurl how you doin"
"gurl did you see that girl?"
by PurpleP0 March 12, 2020
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URLs for feminine sites, much like those reserved for Women's Lib.
Just check out that gURL, wow.
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
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