A slang term based off of the word "girl", used most commonly in the northern New Jersey area. This word has a distinct pronunciation. Gurl can refer to either a male or female and in most cases has a positive connotation. It is also a way of identifying one's friends. (my friends = my gurls)
In Italy, me and my gurls popped champagne.

Who run the world? Gurls
by gurlzzz May 20, 2013
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An alternative spelling of girl used to indicate that the person being referred to may look and act like a girl but they are not genetically female.
Used commonly by transgendered people in transgendered literature, but not exclusively.
"Hey gurl I think he likes you," said the tranny to her tranny friend.

He stepped into the room dressed as a girl for Halloween.
"Gurl you look hot!" said his friend.
by Disco Vigilante February 11, 2008
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a way to spell girl and look stupid
hey gurl i suck really bad at spelling and look like an idiot
by sssss March 03, 2005
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This spelling is often used by men who are going through a sex change. They are not a Girl yet but are a Gurl. The U representing a mans member that is still intact.
Gurl, when is the surgery?
by Anon March 25, 2005
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Can only be used to refer to her.If any other female is to be called, the proper name is "girl".
It can only be used in the context of talking to or about her. The use of the other word can not be considered anything less than an offense.
-Copyrighted for lil G©
"hey gurl how you doin"
"gurl did you see that girl?"
by PurpleP0 March 12, 2020
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