Occasionally used ironically as a shorthand of "liberal" to insult someone who may or may not actually be a liberal.
Jeff: Fuck you, you're a lib
Joe: Fuck you. Aren't you a lib?
Jeff: You're a lib, fuck you.
by sid_ October 5, 2020
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"Good morning, what's up?"

"Nothing much, rough night! Lib forever"
by RyEd994 January 30, 2010
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An abbreviation on the word "library", often used to make the prospect of work more enticing.

Less cool people refuse to use the word and prefer to call it the "larry" instead.
"Hey guys, anyone wanna come to the lib with me to print off my philosophy homework?"
"Sure thing dude, sounds like a rave!"
by Boom Shaka February 10, 2012
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A liberal; Libs, plural form, fully said as liberals. This is an immoral person who claims to be a so-called "Progressive", when they are actually incredibly bigotted themselves. In fact, a great majority of them don't understand, and usually don't care about those who have mental disabilites, or those with emotional disorders (though some of them do). This is just one way in which a Lib is a hypocrite.
LIB! See also: commie, communist, Democrat, Democrats, whiney bitch, loser.
by Fuck All U Bitches April 18, 2005
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An uneducated, lazy and arrogant person with odd colored hair who wants everything in life to be handed to them whilst claiming to be the victim in most situations.
Imagine- you're sitting in a restaurant with your family eating dinner and a white girl with cat ears and pink hair walks up and starts barking "BLM" at your table. This is a lib
by fucklibs January 22, 2021
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A Hot girl with tons of friends, and tons of enemies. She is loyal to her old friends, as well as new friends. She is cool, sporty, and loves to just hang out in big groups or small groups of people. Usually her name can stand for Libby, Elizabeth, or Liberty.
Guy: Hey, you know Lib right?
Other Guy: Yeah, shes hot
by redshirtblueshirt September 29, 2010
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To suppress information that doesn't fit with the understood liberal knowledge base. Usually practiced by people big on liberal tolerance.
I tried to look up John Edwards affair scandal on Wikipedia but it had been libbed. There was no mention of it.

You won't hear any more news from Iraq since our soldiers are not getting killed any more. Iraq has been libbed from the news.
by cons2 August 2, 2008
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