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Not noticeably seeing or observing .om
He's obviously failed to see the principle behing .om
by Hercolena Oliver April 17, 2009
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Dat tryan mk me fl dey hv an evolutionary advantage.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
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The new year once again displays forbidden & permitted. Journey through time & creation's with seatbelts fitted. In sleep old year's glory may've parted thoughtlessly, forgotten by savouring interest in newyear passionately, exhibiting an intuitive change of enjoyed perspective, experiencing the world after few moments as reflective so that now the material has the immaterial suspended & connection with befriended old year summarily ended.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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A server which all students and employees at the University College of Narvik, Norway, may use for educational purposes.
Studentserveren HiNux has proven to be particularly effective.
by Hercolena Oliver May 28, 2010
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