think they should be first and everybody should hang out with them,if you dont they get mad at you.there the biggest whores ever.if you hang out with anybody else(older girls)they say that you think your hot shouldnt matter who you hang out with bitches.
gurls:why do you hang out with them.What,do you think your hot shit
by SnickerkiD March 24, 2011
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A word that describes male to male friendship, in a totally non-homosexual way, that replaces the word "Boi". Instead of hanging with your boy, you're chillin' wit cho, gurl. Note: spelling is Gurl and not Girl (If it were girl, you'd be with a girlfriend or the like)
Dan: Whaddup, Gurl?
Dylan: Not much, Gurl, how are you?
Dan: I'm good!
Dylan: Thats mah Gurl!
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any cute teen girl u wanna "know" more
hey gurl wanna ride in my car
by pe teacher September 3, 2003
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On a companies website they might include GPS coords with their contact information.

We are located at 34.08, -118.22 (which would link to gMaps, a GURL)
by Pimp Rob June 17, 2011
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Gurl, Similar to Aulora, means to be the most perfect girl to live. Its to be Flawless and perfect in every way. To have the most amazing personality and beauty beyond anyone in the world.
She is such a Gurl

I wish i could be Gurl

God damn she is a sexy Gurl
by VANEVERY July 10, 2014
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What you call a female human being as a greeting when acting like a pimp.

When using this greeting, don't pronounce the L at the end of Gurl so much. Make it sound like you're kind of saying "Gurr".
You: Hey gurrrrrrrl!

You: Yo gurl, what's goin onn?

You: Yo (insert girl's name here)-GURL, whatchyall do last night?
by FreakshowGamer June 5, 2010
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A female, woman, or a person of the feminie persuasion that is a child.
Oh no he didn't do that Gurl!
by Wynette McWilliams July 12, 2005
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