wen a gurl or otha gurls kno dey look good..dey such a gurl
queeny is such a gurl on u hoez
by Mii.Mii January 27, 2008
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The type of girl that has coloured hair (mostly blue or violet) and/or dreads, has a certain kind of fucked-up humor, is "mildewy but kempt" and has her face and/or other body parts stapled with piercings.

May look like a Cyber Goth or a strange kind of Hippie sometimes. These are common confusions.
"Dude, check out that sick Andy Gurl over there!"
-"Ayyo, nice man. Bet her hair grows funguses already."

"Man, today i saw a 10/10 Andy Gurl"
-"Dang bro. Rad af."
by radical stegosaur July 12, 2016
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A girl who is a silly hoe and likes to take pics with garbage. Garbage gurls are also low IQ people who make terrible decisions and are clueless
by Dirtycr October 12, 2020
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sissy-gurls bi-sexual guys being feminised by a dominant female. usually involves dressing in very fem clothing; usually with abundant frills and bowed ribbons plus the use of a penis cage or other bdsm device to deny the sissy-gurl access to their gurl-clit (penis) to masturbate or become erect without permission.
Dave's sissy-gurl nature made barbie his fashion icon.

Hey look it Davida my doesn't she look good as a sissy-gurl.
by Townsman December 29, 2015
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A secret code amongst the gods who's meaning can only be discovered after decades of worship and sacrifice. Peasants find it difficult to fully grasp the concept of the term.
Maggie: I don't get it!!

Everyone else: okay gurl
by ZOMG_999 April 10, 2011
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The girl that is naturally horny and constantly saying dirty shit. She will find a way to make anything you say sexual. She's funny, smart, and almost always wearing leggings.
Girl 1: that girl acts like such a slut!
Girl 2: nah, she's just a fuck gurl
by ButtonGirl22 November 18, 2015
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A bad bitch that is very wealthy/rich. If someone has a white refrigerator they are NOT a material gurl. This word was created by Santana.
Ooh that girl has a mansion she’s a material gurl.
by Bob (not the builder) November 16, 2021
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