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A fun, loveing, athletic chick. Usually has a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. Usually a very strongly opinionated person. Usually very popular and has lots of friends and lots of admirers. Normally, extremely beautiful and striking to the opposite sex with great facial and body features. Usually very intelligent but at times can be slow, or have trouble understanding things. A very memorable person. Very sweet, but very strong phisically and mentally so don't get on her bad side. Definitely a person you want in your life, and the kinda person you want to be liked by.
Beautiful charming athletic guin guinevere
Trent: dude, there's guinevere. She's so hot. I want her.
Chris: she's out of your league.
by anonymous444444444 August 05, 2011
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The perfect dream girl. The kind of girl that's on your mind all night. The kind of girl worth losing sleep over. Has a smile that you would do anything to see.
That girl is a total Guinevere.
by DabKing710 August 13, 2014
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A woman who will sleep with your best friend then ride off with him out of the country.

See slut.
Launcelot- Wan't to leave your husband and ride off to France?

Guinevere- Sure!
by God981 January 18, 2010
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Guinevere is a loving, sweet girl who loves others almost as much as she loves her parents. She is hot in the androgynous type of way, and will love her partner even longer then they will love her. She has a dirty mind, a huge appetite, but she still hates herself somatter how much she laughs. She just wishes she could die, but doesn't want to hurt anyone around her.
Daymn that girl is a real Guinevere!

Dude I think she heard you!

I don't care, I think I'm into her...
by Guinpogostick March 20, 2017
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Guinevere is a beautiful, fun, smart, and kind girl. She is probably one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet! Her dirty hilarious jokes will make you cry from laughing so hard. When she is not joking around, she is very focused on sports and her friends. Maybe you just met her that day, or maybe you’ve known her forever, she will always bring a smile to your face. Her beauty is like no other. She is pretty inside and out. She light up a room when she walks into it. But, she never wants to feel like the prettiest one. She embraces her beauty with everyone. You’ll be lucky to meet a Guinevere, because when you do she will be the kindest person you know.
“Guinevere is so pretty!”
I know right! She is also so athletic and kind”
by Gucci_whajsjdcncifdj April 21, 2018
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Is a very cool and polite person, but don't get on their bad side. They won't spread rumors and usually eats a crap ton of food-mostly during lunch- every day! No matter how much they eat, they still be a skinny piece of shit. They hate being rude but when they are, ya better watch yo back. She is usually bi or lesbian, and she likes the girls with more personality. She herself has an amazing personality, and is very delighted to meet long lost relatives and friends. She is very interested in photography and also a comical sense of humor. Be her friend or acquaintance, but almost never her enemy. She may get mad, but holds a gruge for as long as someone remembers it. She hates herself and wants to change herself, but somehow even her parents still love her. She thinks every day on how to improve the life of others, never once thinking about herself except for when she gets embarrassed and thinks how she can not be seen again by those specific people she was embarrassed in front of.
Tommy: Hey did you hear about Guinevere? How is she?
Dominic: I don't know, she was in a pretty bad accident. She can't remember anything, but she is still her awesome self, even though she is a little more suicidle than before.
Tommy: Sorry Dom, I know she meant a lot to you.
by Guinpogostick February 26, 2017
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