Photography is actually the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of appreciating ‘the moment,’ and used as a personal database in one quick snapshot.
of course im interested in photography, i dont leave the house with out my camera!
by yunnyunn September 21, 2005
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The process of taking photos.
Apparently, if you want to get anywhere in the photo industry, you must only take "vintage" pictures of a skinny girl in converse, flowers, converse, two emo boys kissing, more converse, a self portrait with terrible angles or a decrepit unused building.
Did i forget something? Ahh yes...more converse! Add some stars/hearts and song lyrics by dashboard confessional to really give it some oomph.

Now just put them on your myspace or deviantart and watch the compliments roll in! Now all you have to do is wait for some business moguls to spot your obvious talent and hire you straightaway. Because you so are a 'photographer'.

xXbLaCK_heaRtXx just added some photos onto their deviantart. It's all a bunch of sunsets, dying trees and brand spanking new converse sitting on disused train tracks.

"Ooh, look! Here's one of him lying on the tracks! And he's even put a heart and sparkles in the corner!"

"Soooo deep and artistic!" *nods*

Feel free to copy the following paragraph and put it on as many emo/scene/myspace pages you can find who commit said atrocity:

In real life, turning up the exposure on a portrait so much you barely see the person's features anymore is not advised in photography. Really, you're not supposed to do it. You're not a photographer! Get over it!

by unhinged since 1989 April 3, 2008
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photography is an art very much like impressionism. You're capturing life as it's happening. A great medium for Creation
of a journal or story. If you're new to photography, especially DSLRs, it's a good idea to take a look at some books from or other large book venders. has a few good books
on photography.
How, her photography really "pops" I didn't know the sky had that many colors in it!
by Jessica_000 September 21, 2008
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Something every scene/emo kid on myspace is interested in, but sucks balls at. They have tons of pictures of ugly flowers in their "photography" album on myspace. They bring their camera everywhere with them. It's really annoying because when you walk down the street with them, they take a picture of every ugly flower they see.
Veronica, put your camera away before I break it. You suck at photography and need to quit taking pictures of ugly flowers.

ps: sorry for stressing the ugly flowers so much.

pps: it's just that they really do only take pictures of ugly flowers!

ppps: sorry, again.
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is the act of taking photographs of shit.
Person: So, what are you studying in school?

Photografaggot: Photography.

Person: Oh, you mean taking pictures of shit?

Photografaggot: There's way more to it than that...It's an art...Most people just don't understan-

Person: Shut the fuck up, and get a real major.
by And Ee January 15, 2010
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Photography is actually one of the fastest growing service industries. it is used to capture moments that are actually meaningful. Every photographer isn't just a emo kid that sucks, and they don't just take pictures of converses, that is very overrated. Real photographers know how to take an ordinary object and put meaning into it, meaning that represents a cause. They give photos a voice.
I am a photographer, i major in photography, and am one of the least emo kids you'll ever know, i'm a sophmore and being recruited by colleges, so obviously, i don't suck, and i have never taken a picture of converse in my life.
by nashville123 October 24, 2009
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a word similar to photographed, but with extra spice.
by theswaggiest April 22, 2021
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