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Having both male and female characteristics( appearance )that it becomes a challenge for one to decipher what sex that person is.
Shane from "The L word" is androgynous, though she is a girl she usually dresses "like a guy" and is mistaken at times for a guy.
by naked nachos December 09, 2005
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One who, regardless of sexual characteristics (ie. male, female, trans-gender), identifies (gender identity) as both male and female in a fairly even split.

One who's physical appearance includes male and female characteristics, making their gender difficult to discern.
Androgynous People:
Marylin Manson
David Bowie
Boy George
Brian Molko
by Androgynous A April 12, 2011
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A guy or girl that has (physical) characteristics of both male and female so that it is hard to determine whether they are a boy or girl.
a.k.a. Edward Cullen
Person 1 "I cant tell if thats a boy or girl! Go ask."
Person 2 "No you cant ask an androgynous person that!"
by muahahahaha_iwin March 13, 2010
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a person or thing who is of indeterminable gender, i.e. the boys from hanson.
zac hanson is so fucking androgynous lykomgwtf o_o
by omglawl December 07, 2005
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Someone who shares both female and male characteristics in an equal (100%) amount and CHOSE to identify themselves as both female and male or neither. They're known to be the type to overlook gender roles and rid themselves of labels. Some might even consider them mysterious because you can't tell their biological sexe (which shouldn't matter).

*Keep in mind that every Androgynous person uses different pronouns that appeal to them.
Friend #1: Hey it's insert name ! Wait he's wearing a dress...?
Friend #2: Dude, they're a she.
Friend #1: I'd swear they had a dick
Friend #2: Well you're wrong-
Androgynous Friend: Guys! What's in my pants is none of your concerns and gender shouldn't be what defines me, alright?
Friend #1 & #2: That was pretty inspiring insert name.
by Savemytaintedsoul June 14, 2017
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A shared characteristic of characters in most japanese rpgs, esp. the games in the Final Fantasy series after X.
Vaan from Final Fantasy XII is too androgynous.
by aka_Pyro May 09, 2007
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