Can't tellya
by TanooKirby August 6, 2003
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information u tell someone when u want it to become public knowledge by morning
by hmmm August 16, 2003
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Something you're not supposed to tell anyone, but somehow gets out regardless of who told who.
I thought that your crush on JT was supposed to be a secret.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
by JenThe80'sFan May 12, 2004
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an elementally flawed concept
No secret is really secret.
by Racket Smasher July 27, 2007
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strong enough for a man. made for a woman.
by angiepants December 13, 2004
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Something you tell to a small number of people in hopes it will stay that way, in reality it is all for naught, everyone is going to know by tomorrow anyway.
I heard it from him, who was told by her who said she heard it from... but don't tell, it's a secret!
by Catty Reese April 21, 2006
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