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It's complete agreement in what is being said.
That car is sick
I know right

That movie scared the crap outta me
I know right
by Cranberrybog something er other November 02, 2007
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Basically hooking up wit someone but you ain't tryna let no one know who it is. IF YOU LET PEOPLE KNOW IT AINT NO SNEAKY LINK ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿง โ™€๏ธ.
" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know ๐Ÿ˜ซ"

"I mean my sneaky link got a girl but he don't even think he straight ๐Ÿง "

"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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An extremely fucking annoying expression used by everyone at school to say they are in total agreement. Usually used by dumbshits who think they are cool.

It has even become so popular that it is abbreviated "IKR" via texts and Internet, particularly Facebook.
Curtis: "Dang, that test was not even close to as hard as I thought it would be."

Shawna: "I know right?"

Trey: "Man, this lunch is so good!"

Shawna: "I know right?"

by Cool Kid AKA Dudio March 28, 2009
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This statement is used by dumbfucks to agree with something. Little do they know, they are asking the other person if they know. Whenever someone uses this idiotic phrase on me, I reply, "Why are you asking me?"
I love beer.

I know right?

How am I supposed to know if you know? Dumbass.
by pseudonympseudonympseudonym August 02, 2008
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Phrase used to express agreement usually over something very annoying or something relating to yourself.

"OMG Emily thinks she is so hot."
"Ew I know right!"

"Your dress is gorgeous!"
"I know right!"

by Bonnieeee June 20, 2006
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A phrase most teenies/preps/popular bitches use in expression of ''I can't believe it either''
''OMG can you believe Jessica?''

''I know right! What a slut!''
by DizzyLizzy February 15, 2007
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An arrogant idiom used by insecure people to pretend they already know whatever it is someone tells them.

Widely confused with a request for affirmation, the question "right" is an attempt to bully the other person.

The idiom demands that everyone agree that "I know" because there is nothing you can say the insecure "I know right" idiot does not already know, right?
There is a giizzly bear sneaking up behind you...

"I know right?"

I just discovered the answer to P=NP.

"I know right?"

I named my baby Mary. You are the first person I told.

"I know right?"

Your zipper is down.

"I know right?"
by Shmata Than July 06, 2017
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