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To not care in the least bit (about something).

SYNONYMS: "give a flying fuck", "not give a fuck"
NOTE: It's sorta fucked up, but to give a fuck is the same thing as to NOT give a fuck. I wonder why. Shit, actually, I (don't) give a fuck.
"I just don't give a FUCK..." -Eminem

"The same cat who never gave a damn about your name...I give a fuck about it like the next LA Clippers game." -D12

"Well if Kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch, I'd always be broke. I'd never have no motherfuckin' indo to smoke." -Kurupt
by Nick D May 28, 2003
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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"you can give a damn, but you can NOT give a fuck." -jenna marbles
"Say I maybe gave a damn but I never gave a fuck" -ace hood
by E.Money June 14, 2012
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When a person simple does or doesn't giveafuck. Giveafucks about things you want in life of for yourself.
I don't giveafucks, I'm getting some of the best dick possible tonight, my man's.
by Lumbeeladybug May 20, 2019
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1:Mean's "i don't give a fuck what (he/she/it/you) thinks about me". Used in a humorous way, usually implying someone or something else is taking offence when this is not necessarily the case.

2:Can also be used as a dismissive term, normally for an inanimate object.
1:(a) - "Yeh anyway Rachel is a twat. GIVE A FUCK PAUL" (implying that Paul has taken this statement as offensive, and you don't give a fuck he is offended, although he may not really be offended at all).

1:(b) - (in a shit club called Gravity) "This club is shit. GIVE A FUCK GRAVITY."

2:(Trying to fix a printer, can't and you are pissed off). GIVE A FUCK PRINTER (implying you don't think highly enough of the printer to get angry about it, even though you clearly are).
by bananamilkshakefiend October 30, 2009
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