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1.) adjective: compassionate, warm-hearted, loving.
2.) adjective: tenderly concerned and helpful
3.) adjective: affectionate
4.) idea: kindness, sympathy, understanding
When she was crying, her caring friend gave her a hug.
by Dannielle September 10, 2004
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'I got shouted at by my boss this morning, I'm so upset!' 'Oh really?! Fucking caring.'

'My mum's just found a lump in her breast!' 'Caring'

'Wanna breathe, wanna grieve, wanna live, wanna give. Caring about it...'

'Caring about your deep house record collection cunt.'
by CaringAboutLife March 18, 2014
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Used to sarcastically state that you really do not care what someone has just said.
Mike: yea, so I worked out again today.
John: caring.

Mike: Tiger just got a hole in one!
John: caring.
by sarcastic guy September 05, 2007
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In short terms it basically means "Does it look like I care?"
The term can also be used with the word "lots" after it as in "Caring lots?"
You can also use the "?" after other things such as "Making Sense?"
Stupid Asshole: Hey guys check out my cool new boots!
You: Caring?
Your Friend: Caring lots?
by Bob Steve April 08, 2008
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