n. Short for "Dominant." The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.
She's looking for a dom who has knowledge of tying complicated knots.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 17, 2003
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a nickname for Dominic the sexiest man alive or to ever exist on this planet making eye contact can cause you to faint or go weak in the knees hes a short guy with great skin complexion this guy can have sex with any female on the planet it's hard for him to work or go somewhere because there's a female or females always trying to or having sex with him
Wow Dom what the fuck

It can be a blessing or a curse bro either way somebody's getting satisfied though
by Miao tai chi July 4, 2019
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DAMN IT DOM!! YOU OWE ME $378!!!!!
by SAILOR ~~ June 10, 2016
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Dom is like Craig from the movie “Friday” except with long hair and his mom is Hispanic and he is the sexiest with that dick you can feel in your spine touching your soul he will fuck you like how that ghost did in the movie “a haunted house” he likes drunk sex he is amazing and really funny his real name is dominic
Oh my god dom is the best sex I’ve ever had
by Potent penis in the anus September 2, 2020
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Known for his man meat sexual intercourse and a panty dropper godly singing voice And when he talks or has a conversation with you wanna pull his dick out and Give him a blowjob his actual name is dominic
Oh my god dominic can sing his little ass off I am soaking
by Test Her limit bruh November 12, 2020
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A: Gdzie jest wasz dom?
B: Nasz dom jest blisko jezioro.

(A: Where is your house?)
(B: Our house is near the lake.)
by MattPorsche February 13, 2005
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Absolute class guy, knows all the sickest music, all the ladies want him so bad it hurts.
“Dom is a top Chad
“Dom’s music is sick”
“I wanna fuck Dom so bad
by Tanita’s Tits December 14, 2020
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