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n. Short for "Dominant." The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.
She's looking for a dom who has knowledge of tying complicated knots.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 16, 2003
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A Dirty Old Man. A man who chases young women of legal age for sexual pleasure.
He's such a DOM, but too broke to be a Sugar Daddy.
by Kromen July 16, 2010
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A: Gdzie jest wasz dom?
B: Nasz dom jest blisko jezioro.

(A: Where is your house?)
(B: Our house is near the lake.)
by MattPorsche February 12, 2005
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1.) Acronym for 'dirty old man'
2.) Often used on chat rooms meaning to phail often and consistently
3.) Often used in a clique to describe a fag
Person 1: Your a total dom
Person 2:NO U
Person 1: Your a dom in all 3 ways
Person 3: Lawl
by Aviatrix May 25, 2008
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